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Search for a Speaker

We have direct access to over 1,000 ex and current sports people.

Here you can view and book talent from the World of Sport

We have one of the biggest contact books in the Industry

And we cover all sports, all across the globe from current athletes to retired legends.

We have been working with leading Entrepreneurs and business speakers since 1995.

Here you can hire a leading national or international entrepreneur or business leader.

We provide a wide range of business speakers and performers to over 700 events each year across the World.

We work with commercial leaders, economists, technology pioneers, entrepreneurs and innovators from all sectors.

Do you need someone to provide voiceover, introduce special guests, interview a headline act or perform an auction?

Here you can source your next host or MC to make your event run professionally and smoothly.

Selecting the right host for your event is critical. Its key to ensuring that the right tone is set and that timings run smoothly.

We have direct access to lots of brilliant hosts and MC’s and we can help you find the right fit for your occasion.

We can supply a huge variety of names including up and coming talent along with Arena filling acts.

Here you can book a comedian, entertaining act or TV Personality to take your event to another level.

Comedy is as popular as ever but its really difficult finding the right Comedian with the right material for your event.

We have worked with 100’s of funny people over the Year’s so leave it to us to provide the most suitable act.

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